Why Reno

1Click Logistics - 3PL Reno Nevada (third party logistics)

Reno Nevada is attractive to busi nesses for many reasons and a natural choice for a 3pl. A business friendly and tax friendly environment is hard to find but add strategic operating benefits and great quality of life, and the answer is clear. Reno has developed the added infrastructure to support a strong west coast distribution network for 1Click Logistics and the 3pl industry. A 3PL in Reno Nevada is an ideal location to grow your west coast presence to all major retailers and e-commerce drop shipping to consumers. Our Reno location provides 1-2-day fulfillment to all major markets in the western US with ground rates.

Large and small businesses look to establish themselves in Reno to take advantage of the area's 3pl logistics providers and gain affordable, quick access to the 11 western states. Here are some benefits of locating your operations to Reno - Sparks and expanding your logistics, distribution and e-commerce operations.

Nevada offers unique advantages as a strategic hub for distribution of materials throughout the Western United States. The region, with an extensive transportation network with direct access to I-80 East/West and US 395 North/South, can reach the larger percentage of the Western population with a 1 to 2-day transit period.

The 2-day access to over 10 large metros provides cost and time savings. Overnight delivery to 80% of the 11 contiguous western states and the remaining 20% within the 2nd day.

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport provides provides increased cargo capacity with all the major carriers. We can bring your product in from the Port of Oakland or transloaded from our distribution center in Southern California by the Port of Long Beach.

Tax Advantages

  • NO corporate income tax
  • NO personal income tax
  • NO franchise tax
  • NO unitary tax
  • NO inventory tax
  • NO inheritance tax
  • NO estate tax

Benefits of Nevada based 3pl Distribution

  • No inventory tax
  • 5 major ports serving the Pacific Rim
  • 2-day access to 10 large metros
  • Business friendly regulatory climate
  • Availability of economical commercial real estate
  • Reduced worker's compensation rates

Operating Advantage

  • Strategic location - central among the 11 western states - 500 miles of 18% of the U.S. population. Ship to 60 million people in one day and 63 million (21% of the U.S.) in two days.

  • Room for new and expanding companies - over 72 million square feet of industrial space

  • Diverse labor market

  • Over 65 trucking firms provide overnight delivery to more than 80% of the 11 contiguous western states, with second day delivery to the balance.

  • Air Cargo options through the Reno-Tahoe International Airport provides daily service from UPS, FedEx and DHL

  • Extensive transportation network on two major highway corridors: Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 395. Two of the nation's largest railroads, Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, serve Greater Reno-Sparks-Tahoe providing thousands of route miles and international gateway access in Mexico and Canada.